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ColorMark PRO Reviews



ColorMark PRO Ash Blonde"I have tried many root touch ups before. This one by far looks more natural. It’s easy to apply, lasts and you have the ability to control how much to apply. Will never use another." - Cari
ColorMark PRO Light Brown: "Best touch up for grays. I’ve tried several products to cover my greys in between touch ups and this is hands down the best!!! It stays on until I wash it off and blends seamlessly into my hair. It doesn’t feel sticky, waxy or like anything at all. Feels and looks just like my natural hair." - Sue
ColorMark PRO Medium Brown: "I really like this product for a quick touch up around my edges and have used it on the roots at time for my exposed roots when I box braid. Good product that temporarily covers the gray well..." LifesAHoot
ColorMark PRO Dark Brown: "Amazing cover for my gray hair. Not powdery or greasy, just perfect! You can’t see the difference between my colored hair and the one with the product. Recommend it!" - Patricia
ColorMark PRO Rich Black: "Excellent for covering Gray between touch-ups! Very quick and easy to use, no mess and lasts longer than other products I've used" - Denise
ColorMark PRO Light Brown: "Have tried several other gray-hiders but I always come back to this one. Never sticky. Easy to apply." - Felix
ColorMark PRO Dark Auburn: "Great to use between tints if you have grey hair showing at roots  I get my hair tinted every 5 weeks so my gray hair roots begin to show by the 4th week. That’s when I use this product and have done so for years. It covers the gray well until the next shampoo." - Helene
ColorMark PRO Light Brown: "Great to cover small areas of gray. I used this to cover the gray in a part. It saved having to color it for another week." - Frances
ColorMark PRO Medium Brown: "I really like the way you can brush it on as if it were eye shadow. It is easy to wash off too. It's hard to wash off other "spray on's" and that's important when you go the salon to actually do your roots." - Cheryl
ColorMark PRO Light Brown: "I have used this product for YEARS to touch up my grey roots... It's just enough color to disguise the new growth, and doesn't wear or flake off. ColorMark is the best! - Kay
ColorMark PRO Dark Brown: "Applicator ... makes this so easy to apply. I get my roots colored every 4 weeks; but my part starts showing grey after 3 weeks. This buys me another week, therefore it saves me time and money. I love it!" - Customer





ColorMark PRO