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Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews


Shampoo & Conditioner Natural Blonde: "This product really works! Shampoo in and use the conditioner and grey hair takes on a soft blonde hue!" - Nancy
Shampoo & Conditioner Dark Brown: "This product has easily doubled the time between hair colorings for me. I use it once a week in place of my regular shampoo/conditioner (I wash my hair every other day) and leave both in for a few minutes each." - Pam
Shampoo & Conditioner Auburn: "I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have bought this product for over 2 yrs!" - Debbie
Shampoo & Conditioner Dark Brown: "I just turned 64 so full disclosure. I’m not very grey. Having said that I just LOVE this product. I have very very dark brown hair. So (my) whites can be seen from space.  This products helps blend those hairs in. Also makes my hair shine ( I am fortunate to have shiny hair) however this stuff really makes my hair look good. Very very happy to have found this." - Debra
Shampoo & Conditioner Natural Blonde: "I love this product! It really works, brightens hair, actually lightens it up some and makes it incredibly soft and healthy feeling." - Delores
Shampoo & Conditioner Auburn: "Love this product! My hair (is) highlighted and this product made a great job at temporary coloring my hair in auburn." - Olivia
Shampoo & Conditioner Natural Blonde: "I have light blonde hair and using the blonde shampoo and conditioner gives me beautiful highlights and intense blonde color. It makes the texture of my hair thicker. Highly recommend this product. I've been using it for years." - Pat
Shampoo & Conditioner Medium Brown: "Revived and Maintained my colored hair. This product works to my satisfaction. Although both shampoo & conditioner do not lather well like the regular products, I understand that’s because they don’t contain some of the harmful chemicals. After shampooing and conditioning, my hair feels just as soft and does not dry out. It also enhances my colored hair which is fading. My hair color looks more vibrant after washing. And because I’ve read about the gray coverage in the reviews before buying them, I have the right expectation for my grays. This product would not cover up your grays, but it does minimize the sharp contrast of gray and brunette...:- Jiji
Shampoo & Conditioner Medium Brown: "The duo works as well as a more expensive gloss. Good value too." - Randa





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