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TouchBack PRO Reviews



TouchBack PRO Golden Blonde:  "It is so annoying when that gray skunk line appears, but running back to the hair salon or dying my whole head of hair is not an option so this product fills in perfectly. If you dab it onto your roots, it makes the gray completely disappear.  Only apply small dabs at a time. Although it is not inexpensive, it does save me money since I am not dying my hair so often." - Centerhall
TouchBack PRO Light Brown: "This is the best!  It goes on easily and the little comb works great to protect skin from the color. I use it on my hair line and part. Love it!" -  S. Tilkens
TouchBack PRO Medium Brown:  "I use this between colorings. It is especially helpful in my part and at my temples. The color is natural and the applicator is great. I have highlighted hair, but went with my natural color medium brown. It also lasts a long time! Highly recommend!!" - Denise
TouchBack PRO Rich Black: "The best product! I use it almost every day!" - Ms. T
TouchBack PRO Medium Brown: "Amazing.  This product is a lifesaver and I hope it’s never, ever discontinued. The marker is amazing for covering the roots along the hairline and part, between hair color appointments. My hair grows quickly (I feel blessed), and a lot of white roots show below my brunette color even before two weeks has passed. The med brown is actually quite a bit darker than my color, but it blends in just the same. It doesn’t flake or run. I’ve tried pretty much all the options, and return to this one over and over. For me, it lasts much longer than the product packaging claims." - Valma
TouchBack PRO Medium Brown: "Works perfectly to cover grays. I love this stuff. Tried a lot of others and this seems to be easiest to use and not clumpy. Stays in until you wash your hair. Very convenient." - Lucy
TouchBack PRO Rich Black: "My go to for my wig installs. The best. " - Alaina
TouchBack PRO Ash Blonde: "Amazing stuff! This stuff is pretty miraculous! On my hair it is invisible, and it blends beautifully. It leaves no visible residue like some products, and it doesn't make the hair dull where it is applied." - Jen
TouchBack PRO Dark Auburn: "Pleasantly surprised. I'm actually pleasantly surprised with this product. Some of the other brands I was looking at (and more familiar with) didn't have colors for redheads. I took a chance and it works great! Lasts between washings. Doesn't get on my pillow or clothes. And the color is better than pictured. I'm a happy camper who will hopefully gain a few more weeks between professional hair services." - Anonymous
TouchBack PRO Medium Brown: "Love love! Color match is great. A must have for touch ups between coloring. So easy to use. Since it's a large felt tip applicator make sure to securely close the cap..." - Lisa
TouchBack PRO Dark Brown: "I have white hair and have it colored about every 6 weeks. The roots begin to show after 4 weeks or so at the part. This is easy to apply, just to the roots, and keeps my hair looking fine for another 2-3 weeks. A real life saver when something comes up unexpectedly. Highly recommend. You just have to see how to use it on your own hair." - YBreaux
TouchBack PRO Medium Brown "DEFINITELY gets me through until my next appointment. This is really great stuff. My hairdresser introduced this to me years ago... It does not rub off and covers the gray until my next hair washing." - Francine 






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