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TouchBack Plus Light Auburn Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for those days when you have no time to shower.  Apply to dry hair for an instant color boost. Adds color instantly  to natural or color-treated hair.   Optimum fade protection.  3.5 fl oz.
TouchBack Plus Light Auburn Leave-In Conditioner 
Price: $6.25


TouchBack is real hair color in a marker that covers gray roots instantly. The marker delivers an even flow of liquid hair color continuously.


Get long-lasting coverage for brows with the TouchBack BrowMarker. Lasts all day and won't rub off. It even blends away grays.

TouchBack BrowMarker

Similar to TouchBack but in a liquid instead of a marker, ColorMark is applied with a soft-tip applicator and is available in 10 shades.


Hot colors for cool hair, Streekers is bright hair color in a liquid that's easy to apply and easy to wash out. Available in 8 vibrant shades.